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Mailing Address

Dr. Nicos S. Martys
Materials and Structural Systems Division
Engineering Laboratory
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8615
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, MD 20899 USA
(301) 975-5915
FAX: (301) 990-6891


Dr. Martys joined the Inorganic Building Materials Group of the Building Materials Division in October 1992. Dr. Martys research interests include mesoscopic modelling of complex fluids, the phase separation of fluids in confined geometries and under shear, moisture and diffuse transport porous materials.

Dr. Martys is currently developing computational models which describe the rheological properties of dense suspensions as a function of the shape and size distribution of the solid inclusions.

Phase separation of a binary mixture under shear

Phase separation of a binary mixture under shear.

A sheared suspension of 

A sheared suspension of ellipsoids.

Last revised 05/04/05

Recent Publications

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