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In the last several decades, computational materials science has developed as a scientific discipline, powered by the revolutionary advances made in computer processing speed and memory capacity. The main application of this discipline has been to random materials, where analytical approaches are inadequate. This applies especially to concrete, which is a random material over length scales ranging from nanometers to meters. Along with this modeling growth has come an increased emphasis on the careful experimental measurement of concrete microstructure and properties, based on fundamental materials science.

This monograph is an attempt to keep a running summary of what has been developed thus far in the computational materials science of concrete. Relevant experimental measurements of microstructure and properties are also covered. The monograph focuses on the work done by us at NIST, or in collaboration with us, as this has been one of the main centers for the computer modeling of the microstructure and properties of concrete since the early 1990's. There is growing realization worldwide that experimental measurements of fundamental quantities promote the development and improvement of computer-based models, which in turn help to predict and interpret experiments. Only the cooperation of modeling and experiment can solve the complex problems of concrete.

Many people outside of NIST have contributed to the work. The main source of text in this monograph is published papers. We have kept the original authors' heading of each paper so that appropriate credit is given to the various contributors both within and outside NIST.

Showing real (upper) and model (lower) images of the length scales
of concrete. This concept of the multi-scale
nature of concrete lies behind much of this monograph.

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