Ordinary Strength Concrete Mixture Proportioning

Based on ACI 211.1-91 Standard Practice

Compressive strength psi (Permitted range of 2000-6000 psi)

Max. Agg. Size in. Guidance

Dry Rodded Unit Weight of Agg. lbs per cubic ft.

You may specify slump by changing value below and turning "Specify Slump" to On or you may have slump selected based on construction type selected further down (by leaving "Specify Slump" at its Off value).

Slump in.

Specify Slump

Fineness modulus of fine aggregate

Pozzolanic Material Information

Pozzolanic Replacement %

Replacement Method

Replacement Material

Pozzolan Specific Gravity

Aggregate Data

Aggregate Surface Property Guidance
                Coarse    Fine

Specific Gravity (SSD)

Moisture Content % Guidance

Aggregate absorption % Guidance

Other Parameters

Construction type (for slump selection) Guidance

Air Entrainment

Cement Type (ASTM)

Exposure Conditions Guidance

Batch size cubic yards

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