Reference: Dale P. Bentz, Cement and Concrete Research,36(2), 259-263, 2006.

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Quantitative Comparison of Real and CEMHYD3D Model Microstructures Using Correlation Functions


Dale P. Bentz

Materials and Construction Research Division

National Institute of Standards and Technology

100 Bureau Drive Stop 8615

Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8615 USA



A quantitative comparison of real and computer-generated (model) cement paste microstructures based on the analysis of three-dimensional image sets is presented. In addition to a visual presentation of extracted two-dimensional images, the comparison is based on the calculation of the normalized two-point correlation function for a variety of phases including unhydrated cement, hydration products, and capillary porosity. Both the visual and correlation comparisons are favorable, and several interesting observations from the correlation analysis are introduced and discussed. This analysis provides one further validation of the use of microstructure models to predict the microstructure and properties of cement-based materials.

Keywords: Image analysis (B); Microstructure (B); Modeling (E); X-ray Tomography (nominated B)

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