Reference: D.P. Bentz, K.R. Prasad, and J.C. Yang, Fire and Materials, 30, 311-321, 2006.

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Towards A Methodology for the Characterization
of Fire Resistive Materials with Respect to
Thermal Performance Models

Dale P. Bentz, Kuldeep R. Prasad, Jiann C. Yang
Building and Fire Research Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8615
Phone : (301) 975-5865
Fax : (301) 990-6891


A methodology is proposed for the characterization of fire resistive materials with respect to thermal performance models. Typically in these models, materials are characterized by their densities, heat capacities, thermal conductivities, and any enthalpies (of reaction or phase changes). For true performance modeling, these thermophysical properties need to be determined as a function of temperature for a wide temperature range from room temperature to over 1000 ºC. Here, a combined experimental/theoretical/modeling approach is proposed for providing these critical input parameters. Particularly, the relationship between the three-dimensional microstructure of the fire resistive materials and their thermal conductivities is highlighted.

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